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How We Are Made

Our craftsmanship is our passion. Let us take you through the production of a pair of Fitted Wheels.

Our wheels are low-pressure cast and manufactured overseas. Molds are preheated 3 hours before arranging a casting, and a 356.2 aluminum ingot is melted in order to remove all impurities in preparation for the casting process.

Once the wheel has been formed, it passes through an X-Ray to assure that air pockets are not present. Qualified wheels then go through a multi-heating treatment at various temperatures. 

After the heating treatment, the wheels then go through a three stage CNC process in order to achieve a uniform finish.

Production is now complete and the wheels move on to a series of quality assurance examinations. We begin inspection with a balance and run out test, after which a water leakage test is administered in order to assure there are no cracks or leaks. Passing all of the tests allows the wheels to move onto the powder coating station to receive a standard finish.

Final stress testing takes place before our wheels are guaranteed to be ideal. Fatigue, radial, and impact tests are administered to assure every wheel holds up to our specifications. With all of the testing complete, the wheels are labeled and packaged for shipment to our customers!

The Production

Low Pressure Casting 

CNC Milling

Fitted Wheels ready for CNC milling 

Results of our CNC milling

Ready for powder coating


Our Gunmetal Finish


Fitted Wheels boxed and ready to ship to our customers! 

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